Different Types of Web Hosting Services

In today’s digital world having an eye-catching and functional website is very much important for everyone. With a website, you can share your thoughts, and your skills or this can be your business’s portfolio or can turn your offline store into an online brand as well. But creating a website is not just enough apart from that you also need reliable web hosting services to store your website data and also make it visible on the Google search engine. 

Web hosting service works as a storage device for your website everything from HTML files, videos or audio files is saved in the web hosting. It also helps the website to become visible instantly to visitors. There are different types of web hosting services available, let’s explore 6 major types of web hosting in this article. 

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Six Major Types Of Web Hosting Services

Different websites need different types of hosting services for smooth running of your website.

1. Shared Web Hosting – Two Or More Websites In a Single Hosting 

Shared web hosting is one of the most affordable and most used web hosting and it is the best web hosting service for beginners. With shared web hosting, your server is utilized by multiple websites. This is the perfect hosting for small businesses or individual blogs because they have less traffic. 

But because of having shared hosting you may lack many types of features in this web hosting and also sometimes because of overload your website can be slow. 

  • Pros: Affordable, easy to set up, no technical knowledge required
  • Cons: Resources are shared with other websites, and can be slow or unreliable if the server is overloaded

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting -Your website Get one Full Partition Of The Server

If you need a hosting solution that offers more resources and space than shared hosting, then virtual private server hosting is a great option for you. In VPS hosting you have your own virtual private server which is the partition of the physical server. Here your resources can not be shared with other websites and can be a perfect option for businesses with medium-sized traffic. 

  • Pros: More resources and flexibility than shared hosting, no need to share resources with other websites, more control over your server environment
  • Cons: Compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting can be more costly and demands a certain level of technical expertise.

3. Dedicated Hosting – One Server For One Website 

Dedicated web hosting is one of the best web hosting services. In this service, you will be provided with one physical server only for your website. This will give you more freedom and more features as well, these types of web hosting are perfect for large businesses which have very high traffic. 

  • Pros: You have all server resources, lots of features, high level of control and speed. 
  • Cons: One of the most expensive hosting and also requires high-technical knowledge as well. 

4. Managed WordPress Hosting – For WordPress Websites 

Managed WordPress hosting is specially designed to work on WordPress websites and it is the best web hosting service for WordPress. This hosting handles all your technical parts of managing a website like security, updates etc. This is the perfect hosting for a person or business who has less technical knowledge. 

  • Pros: You will get technical support, high performance and security. 
  • Cons: Web hosting can be quite expensive, and there are some types that are more costly than others. One of the most expensive varieties of web hosting is available in the market.

5. Colocating Hosting – Make Your Own Server 

Colocating Hosting is a type of web hosting in which you have you rent a space on the data centre and make your own server. This type of hosting is completely made for big brands that have more expertise and resources. 

  • Pros: You can fully make it customised from scratch, high level of control. 
  • Cons: Expensive than other website hosting services and needs more technical knowledge as well. 

6. Cloud Hosting – Multiple Server For One Website

Cloud hosting utilizes multiple servers to provide seamless website hosting and operation. This can be a perfect hosting service for business which have very unpredictable traffic and websites which needs very high uptime. 

  • Pros: More scalability and availability and good performance as well. 
  • Cons: can be a little expensive and needs more technical knowledge. 

In Conclusion 

There are types of web hosting services available and each one has different features and different expertise as well. Choose a web hosting according to your present and future website needs.If you’re unsure about which web hosting to choose for your website, it’s best to contact a web hosting provider or expert to learn more.

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