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Holla technosavies! Do you have complete faith in your website but are unable to attract more users? Your website might be adorned with a bright color palette and all the latest web tech. Even so, you are unsatisfied with the number of users and their unencouraging feedback. And, if you find yourself in such a crisis, it’s high time that your website gets some fixing done. So let’s look at some website accessibility issues and their solutions.

What Is A Website Accessibility Checker, In Simple Words?

A website accessibility checker helps you to highlight any accessibility issues on your website and also aids in fixing those issues for you. This is carried out by means of scanning the website for specific accessibility guidelines, like web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

Some Commonly Occurring Website Accessibility Issues

Learn more about some of the accessibility issues that your users might face.

Your choice of colors, font, and text matters more than you think!

Color contrast or poor text Contrast with the background can prove problematic for users with poor vision. Hence, it is important for the text to appear uniform and readable even with low brightness.

Don’t forget your physically disabled users.

Video captions are necessary for users with hearing disabilities. Another solution is to find transcripts of the video. Using a sign language visual can greatly enhance the experience for people using sign language.

Apart from this, too many bright color combinations or visual effects might not suit the taste of some users. Hence, it’s important to use decent colors, shapes, and sizes for the text.

What Is It That Makes Web Accessibility So Important?

Will you ever go to a website that doesn’t function properly, has an unnecessary pop of color, lacks user convenience, or shows errors? The answer is pretty clear. No. You would always use a website that responds quickly to your commands and doesn’t lag or show errors. Well, that is exactly why a website accessibility checker is used.

The goal is to make the website user-friendly for every single user, including disabled users. People with hearing or visual disabilities often use technologies such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice input software, etc. to use the website. Accessibility checkers ensure that your website is equipped with such technologies to suit the convenience of such people.

Advantages Of Using Web Accessibility Checkers

As mentioned above, accessibility checkers not only benefit disabled users but also improve the overall experience of every single user. These checkers also prove useful for people using mobile phones to access the website and for people using the website in low-light environments.

The fewer accessibility issues, the more users!

When your website’s accessibility is high, it will attract more users. It is needless to say that users will always opt for a website that is easy to use and functions smoothly rather than one that is not. Accessibility will attract more organic traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

Maintaining website accessibility is mandatory according to the laws of some countries; hence, not using accessibility checkers can prove problematic.

Website accessibility checkers can be used for the following:

  • Website developers can make use of accessibility checkers to ensure that the websites are accessible to people while they are developing them. Similarly, web designers can use accessibility checkers to check if their website is still accessible after being redesigned.
  • As websites keep being redesigned and updated, after a period of time, accessibility issues may arise. It is important to fix them using accessibility checkers from time to time.
  • Accessibility checkers can also aid in auditing existing websites that have accessibility issues; this is usually done by organizations that want their website to follow the accessibility laws and provide an overall smooth, accessible experience for all users.

How Do You Use A Website Accessibility Checker?

It is extremely easy to use. Accessibility checkers are available for free and on a paid basis, depending on your convenience. To use one, you simply have to enter the URL of your website and click on scan. The checker will do the rest of the job for you by scanning out any existing accessibility issues. You can see the existing issues in the form of a report generated by the scanner. Besides finding out issues, the checker will also provide instructions on how to fix them.


To sum up everything mentioned above, every single user’s comfort is to be kept in mind while designing a website. And hence, accessibility checkers come into play; they are a vital tool used to ensure your website’s easy access for every single type of user. Using checkers will also shield you from any legal risks, and lastly, satisfied users will visit your website more often if it does not have any issues and functions smoothly, thanks to the timely accessibility checks that you’ll do.

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