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graphic design services in delhi

The selection of the right brand fonts is as important as brand colors. In fact, some of the leading brands use the game of typography alone without the need to add any additional symbols. What’s more? It is reported that nearly 72 percent of customers judge your business based on your brand personality. This is where the role of typography and fonts on your business’ website comes to the forefront. 

However, this task can be a bit tricky if you don’t have a basic understanding of graphics. In fact, seeking professional guidance from a leading agency offering graphic design services would be worth it. Read below this comprehensive guide on how you can select the best fonts that align with the brand’s personality.

Understand The Brand Personality, Values, and Tone

This is the first and foremost step that includes having a clear understanding of the brand, its values, and its personality. Decide whether the brand conveys a sense of modernism or is traditional. Next, carefully choose whether you want your brand’s voice to be playful or professional. The outcome is that your brand may benefit from playful font styles or clean Sans-serif fonts, respectively, if chosen right.

Consider Your Target Audience

Considering your target audience must be your priority since different font styles tend to evoke different emotions and responses for different age groups. Hence, it is important to take into consideration the demographics and preferences of your target age group. For example, if your brand gives off youthful and trendy vibes, choose modern sans-serif fonts. On the other hand, if your brand caters to the modern adult age group, leaning toward classic fonts would work.

Choose A Versatile and Timeless Font Style

Choosing a versatile and timeless font family never goes out of style. This not only offers you flexibility in different contexts but also ensures consistency across various brand materials, besides providing options for emphasis.

Ensure Readability

No matter how stylish the font is, readability is what matters in the end. Secondly, maintain clarity in both print and digital applications. Lastly, ensure that the selected font style is legible in different sizes and can be used across a wide array of social media platforms.

Testing Is The Key

To offer a cohesive brand experience to the users, it is necessary to test the fonts across all platforms and devices of varying sizes and resolutions. This will ensure the readability, consistency, and clarity of your brand style.

Get Professional Assistance

Choosing the right font is indeed an uphill battle, especially if you do not have a good experience with it. In such situations, it is advised to seek the expertise of professional graphic design agencies in Delhi or other cities offering graphic design services who can provide valuable insights about fonts that perfectly align with the brand personality. Digital Verse is among the top graphic design companies in India that offer top-notch graphic design services in Delhi. We, at Digital Verse, are a leading company known for offering the best graphic design services in Delhi.


Typography is indeed a silent but powerful communicator. By properly synchronizing brand fonts and typography with the brand personality, businesses could greatly benefit from creating a long-lasting and impactful visual identity among their target audience. If you are looking for the best graphic design company in Delhi to assist you in your business, this is the right time to get in touch with us.

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