Elevate Your Design Game: The 5 Best Apps for Graphic Designing

apps for graphic designing

In this digital world, graphic design is one of the most in-demand and trending skills. It lets you create designs that look eye-catching and can tell the story of the brand. With the right tool, you can create graphics that suit your needs and story. In this article, you will learn about the 5 best graphic design apps for Windows and Android devices. Let’s explore!

Here are five of the best apps for graphic design:

Whether you are a Windows user or a PC user, there are some graphic design tools for everyone. Let’s see some of the best of them. 

Canva: The All-in-One Graphic Design Hub

Canva is one of the best graphic design app for Android and PC. This is the perfect app for beginners. These pre-made templates are from which you can create your social media posts, flyers, and even YouTube thumbnails and social media cover images in very easy steps. Canva is the perfect tool for small businesses and influencers to create professional designs with fewer resources and at a lower cost. 

Adobe Photoshop Express: Portability Meets Power

Adobe Photoshop is the premium graphic design software for PCs. Every skilled and high-level graphics designer uses Adobe for their creations. This software has many features, like one-touch filters, image correction, and other advanced editing tools, which make it more professional, and with the help of this, you can create perfect designs for all types of needs. 

Adobe Illustrator: Precision and Creativity on Windows

Adobe Illustrator is one of the best graphic design apps for windows, It is also known for its vector graphic editor, which is most commonly used for creating illustrations, logos, and icons. This is more user-friendly software than Adobe Photoshop and helps you create professional and visually appealing designs. 

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite: A Versatile Windows Solution

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a versatile Windows solution for all your graphics needs. This helps you create professional graphic designs from social media posts and images, flyers, pamphlets, and logos. It has a user-friendly interface and is more user-friendly than other tools. But this requires more skill to use this tool in a more useful manner. 

Figma: A Collaborative Design Platform

Figma is a collaborative design platform great for teams of designers. It has a real-time collaborative feature that lets designers work on a project together at one time. You can use this tool to create designs of all types, whether it is a marketing copy or product designs. 


Graphic design is a vast and interesting subject, and with the help of these five best graphic design apps for Windows, you can create images and designs that perfectly suit your brand styles and values. Most of these tools need basic training to be used in a well-manner, experiment with these tools, learn about their features, and let your imagination create designs that look visually appealing, more professional, and of high-quality. 

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